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Aviation Design

Aviation design

Fly the friendly skies with Sam Robin…….

Having a long relationship with Aircraft design the list is long… Private 707, 727, Bac 111, G4, G5’s even Helicopter Design included in our love affair with Aviation.

Corporate G5 Bombardier

Designed for corporate use we choose a clean palette to complement our client’s favorite wood.  Updating cabinetry and bulkheads throughout we redesigned headliners, side panels and seating to create a modern version of its former self.

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Private G5 Bombardier

Completely retrofitted this family plane features a convertible bedroom and a light palette which contrasts beautifully with the darker wood details. Becoming the new Black Car, the G5 is in a class by itself.

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Private Boeing 727 300

Vintage but one of my favorite planes this interior feature 2 salons and a bedroom suite. Birdseye maple with Purple Heart and Holly wood accents define the millwork. Other design details include string leather corridor and bedroom walls, an inlayed wood map of the world and a Bulkhead tapestry of the Cedars of Lebanon. Designed especially for this aircraft were our 360-degree articulating. breathable chairs. Luxury!!

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